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I hack things in unconventional ways and write about what I learned here.


Startup venture builder, self improvement addict, aspiring wordsmith and self professed badass – Sathyvelu Kunashegaran (SK) runs JustaKLboy.com with a tongue-in-cheek approach to self improvement–and himself–that shows a genuine love/hate relationship with both. Equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, SK writes with passion and humor, show-casing his belief that improving life doesn’t need to be the serious, stern, pain-laden monotony that is pervasive in the industry.

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Just A KL Boy - SK Blog!

When I was a kid, I watched The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon and the most epic movie of all time, Fight Club. These two characters changed my life forever.

I realised that most problems in life can be solved by being combining the boldness of Durden and the curiousness of Neutron. Hence, I started experimenting to find the solutions to life’s biggest questions.

The next decade of my life was an interesting one. I spent most of my time designing and executing strategies to solve every major issue. A few were just plain wrong, many got me grounded and many got me losing friends and valuable connections.

But over time, I fine tuned my approach to a science where I was able to elegantly upgrade my life with these experiments. As I started sharing these solutions with friends and colleagues, I kept getting the same feedback over and over again – to write about them.

Now, at 25, I think of myself as an unlikely mix of Durden and Neutron. I hack things in unconventional ways and write about what I learned here.

Let me do all the work and share with you only the ones that work. Generally, I hack these 4 areas of life : Business and Entrepreneurship, Health and Fitness, Human Social Dynamics and Relationships, and Self Improvement or Lifehacks.

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