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I don’t know 99.9% of things out there, but the 0.1% that I do know — I am world class at it.
And I intend to share it here.

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Equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, I write with passion and humor, show-casing my belief that business topics don’t need to be the serious, stern, science-laden monotony that is pervasive in the industry.

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Self-help and business books tend to be long-winded and. Most of these books have a small number of main concepts (sometimes only one), and usually these concepts can be expressed in a single page.

So, I made summaries!

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I have wasted my fair share of time, energy and money going to networking events when I first started to get involved in the startup scene. So, I curate the best events in KL to make sure that you don’t waste your time at shitty events!

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Only events in KL at this moment. More cities coming soon!

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Startups, Investments, and Life — Deconstructed!


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