Netflix Hack (Quick Hacks)


TL:DR Want to stop Netflix from suggesting you crappy movies because you tested some? Create a ‘testing’ profile and use it when you are doing this.

Sometimes you want to watch a movie on Netflix because it’s so terrible that it has to be seen to be believed, but then you don’t want to be judged by an automated program that thinks you now like crappy movies.

It always bothered me how my suggestions are suddenly populated by B-rated movies. I even played a prank with this with a friend who left while being logged into Netflix at my house. I used this opportunity to search every gay romance movie I could find and give it 5 stars. His account it still wrecked to this day. He gets constant recommendations for gay soft porn.

My friend came up with the best solution ever – Just create a ‘testing’ account under your profile and switch whenever you want to watch random shows.

So simple, yet so powerful.

I wonder why I didn’t think about it. (yea, I am questioning my intelligence now!)

Well, she went crazy with by having a weed profile (the shows she watches when she is high)!

I still wish Netflix will create a button that says that was shit Рand then learns what I absolutely hate and never suggest the same types. Maybe a new feature to think about РAttention Netflix product managers!

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